Flower Trials 2015

When: Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th August 11am and 2pm

Come and visit this spectacular sight of over 1,000 bedding and basket plants, show casing brand new and existing varieties from breeders all over the world! 

We are one of the few independent growers in the UK, which means that we can offer a selection of the best of what the worlds breeders have to offer.

We only have our trials every second year so take this opportunity to compare varieties and enjoy this colourful extravaganza! 

Pentland Plants Garden Centre has varieties that you just won't find elsewhere! 

email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ask at the counter to reserve your place.


b2ap3_thumbnail_trials1.JPG     b2ap3_thumbnail_Pentland-Trials-2013---Impatiens--Petunias.JPG

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Beautiful Plants at Musselburgh Sheltered Housing

We love seeing photos of beautiful displays created with our plants, and a recent email from Sheltered Housing, Musselburgh brought a smile to our faces.

Many of our customers will know, that throughout the year we often have extra plants available, which we donate to people within the community. This year, our donated plants have brightened up schools, nurseries and nursing homes to name but a few.

If you know someone or somewhere that would benefit from our next bundle of free plants, simply follow our Facebook page, sign up to our newsletter or visit our website to be kept posted.   

"I thought you might like to see a couple of photos of our planters in Brunton Court.  You kindly donated bedding plants earlier in the “summer”.

The plants have all come on wonderfully and we have a brilliant display of colour in the garden, the tenants love it.

We split the donation between all 4 complexes and they all look great.  Once again, many thanks for your generous donation."

Susan Brown, Senior Sheltered Housing Officer


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We're a Dog Friendly Garden Centre

All the family are welcome at Pentland Plants, and there is even a dog friendly seating area in our cafe, so you can bring your four legged friend to lunch with you! Fresh water is always available, and we'll even treat them to a few dog biscuits! 


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Tips for Preparing Your Garden Before a Holiday

With summer in full swing, it's a really busy time of year just now when it comes to garden maintenance. Keeping on top of the mowing and weeding is time consuming at the best of times, and going away on holiday can result in double the work when you return! To help, we've put together some good advice, which can help make weeding, feeding and keeping the garden under control that little bit easier this summer.

Pre holiday jobs for the garden 

1. Water everything well, although hopefully you incorporated water retaining granules into the compost in your pots
2. Weed and hoe the borders and deadhead flowering plants 
3. Mow the lawn 
4. Pick all the fruit and veg that is ready, freeze any if necessary 
5. Scatter slug pellets to protect vulnerable plants 
6. Instal an automatic vent in your greenhouse to keep it cool if the weather gets hot 
7. Tidy up fallen leave, dead or dying foliage to keep pests and diseases at bay 
8. Sweet talk a neighbour into keeping an eye on things and watering your greenhouse and pots! You could always install some automatic irrigation! 
9. Enjoy your hols and hopefully you will come back to a garden full of flowers and produce! Don't forget to share with your helpful neighbour!

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And the winner of our grow a sunflower competition is...

We have a winner for our sunflower competition!
Congratulations to Christian, age 5!
What a healthy looking plant, and a super flower!
Christian also wrote a lovely poem: 

My sunflower is happy,
Smiling, full of glee
Soaking up the sunshine
It cheers up you and me.

It likes to drink the raindrops
And dancing in the breeze
The butterflies love to visit
And so do all the bees! 

Well done Christian, and thank you to everyone else who entered the competition. We had some fabulous entries, and everyone who has taken part will receive 4 packs of pansies to plant in your garden to enjoy from now right through until next spring.

Top tip! Don't forget to keep the seed head after its finished flowering - you can hang it up for the birds to eat through the winter!

b2ap3_thumbnail_my-sunflower-1.JPG          b2ap3_thumbnail_my-sunflower-3.JPG        b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_0428.JPG

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