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Christmas Cheer begins here


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Hazel lives in a new build half an hour from Edinburgh. The promise of a garden tempted her from the city, only she's never had a garden before and isn’t sure where to start. She does have a book called ‘Garden plants of Scotland’, a kitchen spoon and a pair of rubber gloves though. In the First Garden blog we’ll follow Hazel as she attempts to grow her first garden with the help of the team at Pentland Plants...

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Christmas Cheer begins here 

In our house Christmas begins with cake. We make it together, put it away in the cupboard and then feed it with brandy so that by the time December comes around it’s almost ready to be used as a firelighter. When lush red poinsettias pop up in the shops it’s a reminder to top the cake up a bit more, just in case. The poinsettias’ beautiful red leaves are nurtured from cuttings at Pentland Plants then travel to supermarkets, garden centres and shops all over the UK.

Cake baking is quickly followed by making or choosing a wreath for the front door. Last year’s home-made effort was a little lopsided so I’m looking forward to choosing one of the beautiful wreaths Pentland Plants have in stock this year. It is a lot of fun making a wreath so if you are feeling creative book into the shop’s wreath decorating workshop on 30 November or 9 December so you can twist and wind ribbon, fir cones and beautiful festive ornaments into a winter welcome for your own front door.

Last year we took the Christmas Decorations up a notch and bought a glowing reindeer. At first I thought it might be a bit much but it lights up the dark as soon as you turn the corner to the house and just makes us smile so it’ll be plugged in at the window next to the front door on 1 December. That’s when the real Christmas trees arrive in stock at Pentland Plants and the most spectacular tree of all is unveiled – Pentland Plant’s stunning 10ft Poinsettia Christmas Tree.


 Pentland Plant’s treasure trove of Christmas decorations


We usually have two trees at home, a small artificial tree that the kids are in charge of decorating and a real one that my husband loves to chop up at New Year and burn in the fire. The kids carefully choose one or two decorations each year to add to the collection for their tree and I get to put the breakable ones up high on the real tree well out of reach of charging dinosaurs.

We’ve slowly built up our Christmas box over the years, adding lights, a nativity and endless glittery silver bobbles. The blue and green ones were stealthily removed by the kids last year to use as ‘plankton’ for a game of feed the whale and have been rolling about ever since. Folded stars and other paper decorations in bright colours were the mainstay for years – kids can learn how to make their own at Pentland Plant’s craft workshop on 6 and 9 December.

The shop has a busy programme of activities throughout November and December to celebrate Christmas. We are most looking forward to saying hello to Felix and Freda the donkeys who’ll be moving in for over a week from the Scottish Borders Donkey Society on 9 December. Pop in, pick some new decorations, lights or a houseplant or two. I’ll be spending the Winter slowly building a jungle in my living room and scribbling ideas for the garden in Spring. In the meantime a touch of tinsel around the monstera plant and a star or two dangling next to the ferns will bring Christmas into our home too. Happy Christmas when it comes!


Find out what events are on this Christmas at Pentland here: 


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