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Jobs for January


Jobs for January  

Although it’s a quieter month in the gardening calendar there is still lots you can be getting on with  in January to get ahead of the game!
Our gardens were a life saver last spring and I’m sure many people will agree their garden has never looked so good as in 2020. Let’s get our gardens ready this year and enjoy being outdoors again!
Planting - we have never had such a superb selection of outdoor plants as we do now and as long as the ground isn’t frozen you can plant happily now! Choose from amazing Hellebores in flower, skimmias, camellias, pieris, rhododendrons and many more!
Tidying - if your garden is anything like mine here will be lots of soggy leaves and stems around the place and there’s nothing better on a mild winters  day than sprucing up your borders! Remove and bin hellebore leaves damaged with dark blotches. Dig over borders and remove the roots of any perennial weeds. Move dormant plants that are in the wrong place to more suitable sites
Pruning- Winter prune apples and  pears and  remove any diseased, damaged or crossing branches. Prune gooseberries and redcurrants cutting sideshoots back to three buds from their base. Roses and wisteria will also benefit from a winter pruning .
Sowing - Start sowing hardy annuals and sweet peas and take cuttings of perennials such as phlox and anemones. There is a huge choice  of veg and flower seeds available now so plan your borders now and get ready for spring.
Birds- continue feeding the birds with seeds and high energy snacks. Start putting up bird houses before the nesting season starts. Clean all your bird feeders.
Tools- Clean and sharpen your tools, including hoes, secateurs, lawnmowers and shears, and spray metal tools with oil. Spring clean your shed and greenhouse ready for the coming season.
Houseplants - Bring life to your indoor spaces! We have an amazing selection of stunning houseplants in all varieties and sizes to suit every room in your home. Choose from our beautiful pots and stands to complete the picture. Don’t forget the positive effects houseplants make to your mental  well-being and boy do 
We need this at the moment! 
The days are getting longer and the weather will start to improve soon allowing us to get on with all those gardening projects. Let’s stay positive and enjoy our outdoor and indoor spaces. 
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